*”I have known Jennifer as my mental coach and tennis partner for several years. I have looked for her advice on and off the courts many times. Her wisdom and intelligence around the mental side of the game has saved me on many occasions from complete panic attacks/meltdown ! Most recently I was worried about playing with a partner I didn’t have great chemistry with the last time we played together. Jennifer and I discussed this situation during one of our sessions and came up with a plan for me to implement during my upcoming match. I did exactly as she said, and consequently both my partner and I relaxed, played out of our mind tennis and won 6-1, 6-0. It was crazy good !!! I really do put it all down to Jennifer’s advice for me that day. I was able to play with less conscious thought, which tends to disable my ability to play freely. The pro active approach I set my intention to that day had a ripple affect onto my partner and we were just doing what we know how to do , play tennis !! Thank you Jennifer.” – Client of Jennifer Heistand”

“Jennifer Heistand takes an outdated model of performance coaching and turns it on its head. Athletes, professional and amateur alike, are better informed than ever about the importance and power of mental clarity, but still in the dark about the crucial link between heart and mind. Jennifer not only explains the emotional and physical continuum between mind and heart, but coaches athletes — in sport, in business, and in life — to live at the crossroads, at the still point.” – Brian Dabul, Tennis Professional

“The elite levels of sport are emotionally supercharged. Athletes have a tendency to overthink. When a tennis player combines emotions with overthinking, their decision-making process will break down. Jennifer understands that players need to get out of their own head, not go deeper inside. The techniques she teaches her players are scientifically-proven and help them understand their emotional state. Jennifer then teaches them how to reset and remain in a state of coherence which allows them to perform at an optimal level. I trust my players with Jennifer because I believe in her techniques and her experience and know that she will help them reach their peak mental performance level.” – Ricard Woodroof, Fitness Performance Coach to Pro Athletes

“She allowed me to not only realize but achieve my full potential in every aspect of life.” – Bouldin Heistand

“Working with Jennifer has not only improved my game but my GPA has raised. Now I have a shot at a top tiered college program.” – Jr. Tennis Player

“There was a direct correlation between an athlete’s ability to get high scores on our emWave monitors and their performance on the field.” – Joe Ross, Former player and former fullback and special teams coach with the Army football team

“Jennifer has taught us to center our thoughts by focusing on each point and being in touch with our mind, body and spirit! All in order to take our tennis game to the next level.” – Jr. Tennis Players

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