People have talked about “getting into the zone” for years and the zone has become a popular buzz word with dozens of books written on it. But what the “zone” actually is has been hard to pin down, leaving it mysterious and almost unapproachable. HeartMath’s research suggests that people have within them a place of higher consciousness where life and all kinds of experiences can be processed from another level of intelligence. It’s a state of heart/brain synchronization that’s within all people. The zone is not a place-it’s a state of consciousness where your higher motor faculties and intuition merge in liquid coordination. You don’t just push a button to get there.

As people understand the zone as a progressive state of connecting with heart intelligence rather than a one- shot place of magical peak experience, then zone achievement becomes more hopeful and the process more simple. HeartMath’s technology can be used as a preparation before playing or competing in sports, similar to stretching and other exercises. It will help prevent choking by adding rhythm to your brain-muscle coordination and provide quicker energy recoup when under pressure.

Stillpoint is the optimal level of peak performance meeting the point of mental clarity and focus.

Physical training provides athletes with increased strength, muscle memory, increased flexibility, and faster reaction times. However, the physical part of athletics is just one component.

Mental and emotional training is a component that some athletes dismiss, but is crucial in maintaining composure under stress and to improving athletic performance.

I provide a simple and effective technology that gives athletes a real time training facility with the ability to increase  emotional muscle, reaction speed and accurate decision making.

Mental performance is on the mind of every player in every sport nowadays. Coaches are always telling players to stay focused or to stay calm. But what does that really mean to you? And how can you stay calm when you are in the heat of the moment?

My clients win on the courts, on the greens, and in life! You will be able to take what you learn in our sessions with you into other areas of your life, such as formal learning environments or relationships. You will be able live your life how you want to live versus reacting to life being thrown at you from outside influences.

It does not matter what happened yesterday. What matters is where you are mentally today! This will reflect how you perform tomorrow.

Reaching the next level of athletic performance depends upon your ability to regulate emotions and manage stress. Athletes who combine mental and emotional training with physical training have a competitive advantage and are better equipped to enter into the peak performance zone more consistently.

Thoughts and emotions have a profound effect on the heart’s rhythm, and this rhythm impacts performance. Under pressure, stressful thoughts and emotions cause the heart’s rhythm to become irregular and jagged. This incoherent pattern inhibits brain function and diminishes the visual field, reduces reaction speed, and impairs decision making.

I use software that gives athletes the ability to identify when their heart is racing and be able to do something about it. I teach athletes techniques for the ability to control themselves while under pressure and in intense situations so that they may use those situations to their best advantage.

I utilize a unique training system for athletes who want to master their emotions. Athletes will see how their thoughts and emotions affect the heart’s rhythm in real time and learn how to get coherent on demand.

“Working with Jennifer has not only improved my game but my GPA has raised. Now I have a shot at a top tiered college program.”

Jr. Tennis Player

“Jennifer has taught us to center our thoughts by focusing on each point and being in touch with our mind, body and spirit! All in order to take our tennis game to the next level.”

Jr. Tennis Players

Attaining the Zone: Focus, Control, Flow, and Rhythm at the height of competition, the ability to manage emotional responses often is the difference between winning and losing.

The emWave system provides objective, real- time feedback and allows athletes to better self-regulate their tension and emotional responses, especially in challenging situations. In addition, being able to enter the heart coherence state maximizes many aspects of optimal performance such as eye–hand coordination, reaction times and


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