When athletes cannot master the mental component of their game, they struggle to reach the next level and generally do not understand what is standing in their path. But there is a way for them to achieve physical-mental balance and unlock their true potential. In How to Master your Mental Game in Sports, author Jennifer Heistand explores the intricacies of the Heart, Mind, and Body connection. She shares with readers the unique techniques that help athletes in all sports perform at their highest level while being “in the zone”.

Athletes need to be in peak physical form to ascend to the top of their field, but an understanding of their mental state and its connection to their physical performance is crucial. They need to achieve the StillPoint of their mind-the place where they are free from the task of managing thoughts and handling emotions. Once athletes overcome the inner noise that prevents them from being in a “flow state” the sky is the limit.

Understanding why mistakes are occurring is the key to correcting them. This book allows athletes to intuitively grasp these concepts, written in plain language that is easy to digest, and using sports-specific scenarios to illustrate its points.

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