In her new book, Mastermind, Jennifer Heistand takes readers through the intricacies of the heart, mind and body connection. She shares with readers the unique techniques that she has developed to help athletes in all sports perform at the highest level.

Jennifer’s mastery of the Heartmath concepts, featured in the book and which also include individualized techniques, will aid readers in achieving their goals, in their chosen sport and in life alike!

Mastermind ~ The Harmonious Coordination Of Two Or More Minds Working Together

Research now suggests that the heart has a mind of its own. In other words, it has its own brain. The old adage that two heads are better than one could not be more correct! And when you incorporate this awareness with the knowledge that you are in charge of both of your brains, you will become a Mastermind yourself.

Mastermind is not just for athletes, it is for anyone who wants to improve their life.

This book features the concepts and tools necessary for all of us to move forward into a better life, a life that will fulfill any desire or goal that we have.

This book will help you actually get to know yourself. You will find in these pages all there is to know about looking inward and discovering your full potential.

You are capable of so much more than you know.

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