My name is Jennifer Heistand. Welcome to StillPoint Performance.

A stillpoint is a place where your mind and body are at a point of perfect alignment. It is the point where your mental clarity coincides with your athletic ability, achieving pure focus and your optimal level of success.

I am a Certified Mental Performance Coach to elite Junior, Collegiate, and Professional athletes, covering all forms of competition. It matters not what sports you play. Once you learn how your mind and body work in concert, you can use your new Coherence strength as leverage in every sport.

I love coaching. I developed my passion through my son, who currently competes in college football at Washington University in St. Louis. After observing and guiding him through years of athletic and academic pursuits, I came to realize that my heart and passion are in mental performance coaching. I train players to realize their own innate ability to become self-aware of their mind and body, and specifically how to control and balance the interactions between heart, brain, and nervous system at any given moment while competing.

The results of a trained Heart-Brain connection include:

  • CALM through control of fear,
  • FREEDOM of movement and thought without over-analysis,
  • FOCUS on the competition, not on the outside distractions,
  • CONTROL over voluntary and involuntary responses, and
  • ZONE as the athlete perceives time slowing down.

I combine HeartMath devices and techniques along side Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in my practice. These two platforms teach players how to stay focused in their present moment, while understanding their thoughts and emotions reflect the chemical responses in their body. The combination of HeartMath and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a powerful tool to ensure elite athletes improve their performance and endurance by handling stress more effectively.

I provide a simple and effective technology that gives athletes a real time training facility with the ability to increase emotional muscle, reaction speed and accurate decision making along side behavioral strategies such as goal setting, imagery, mental rehearsal, stress management and cognitive restructuring.

Game Changing Retreat

The Game Changing Retreat is a unique and intimate professional development experience designed to introduce and prepare student-athletes for a career in sports business. The purpose of our dinner is to build a sense of community and partnership around our shared interest of providing opportunities for the next generation of leaders.


“She allowed me to not only realize but achieve my full potential in every aspect of life.”
Bouldin Heistand

Jennifer Heistand takes an outdated model of performance coaching and turns it on its head. Athletes, professional and amateur alike, are better informed than ever about the importance and power of mental clarity, but still in the dark about the crucial link between heart and mind. Jennifer not only explains the emotional and physical continuum between mind and heart, but coaches athletes — in sport, in business, and in life — to live at the crossroads, at the still point.
Brian Dabul

Working with Jennifer has not only improved my game but my GPA has raised. Now I have a shot at a top tiered college program.
Jr. Tennis Player

There was a direct correlation between an athlete’s ability to get high scores on our emWave monitors and their performance on the field.
Joe Ross

former player and former fullback and special teams coach with the Army football team


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