Sports: The Power of Emotions

Do your emotions help or hurt you in the heat of competition?

At the top of the Prime Sport Pyramid sits emotions. It’s closest to the top of the pyramid (above motivation, confidence, intensity, and focus) because emotions will ultimately dictate how you perform throughout a competition. Emotions during a competition can cover the spectrum from excitement and elation to frustration, anger, and disappointment. Emotions are often strong and, most troublesome, they can linger and hurt your performances long after you first experience them…



The Power of the Heart – Positive Emotions

The HeartMath Institute shares fascinating understandings of the human heart as explored in more than 20 years of its research. The Did You Know? facts are information to on how your own thoughts and emotions are affecting yourself and others…



Sport Psychology – Inside the Mind of Champion Athletes

At the highest level, athletes are well-matched in terms of their physical abilities, conditioning, and skill level. But often that is not enough to win and perform on the biggest of stages like the Olympic games. Developing strategies and techniques to get athletes minds in the best possible condition for optimal performance is increasingly important for sports teams and coaches…


How Positive Emotions Affect Your Physical Performance

Even when we are not winning, maintaining a positive attitude in the ring can vastly improve our performance. Staying calm, confident and optimistic can: Provide energy and help you to push through pain, Keep your muscles and body more relaxed, Help your physical endurance as your energy is not being zapped by negative emotions like anxiety and despair…



How do I Cope with my Emotions During Training and Competition?

Coping with our emotions is one of the hardest parts of training and performing. The two are highly intertwined; it is common to experience intense emotions in high-pressure situations. Emotions are discrete, automatic responses to events that prompt us with information that is meant to help us adapt and respond to our current situation relative to our goals. However, sometimes that information is not useful and can even be detrimental. The following are strategies that my athletes have found useful for coping with emotion…



My name is Jennifer Heistand. Welcome to StillPoint Performance.

A stillpoint is a place where your mind and body are at a point of perfect alignment. It is the point where your mental clarity coincides with your athletic ability, achieving pure focus and your optimal level of success.

I train players to realize their own innate ability to become self-aware of their mind and body, and specifically how to control and balance the interactions between heart, brain, and nervous system at any given moment while competing…



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