How Proper Breathing Can Boost Sports Performance

We go on breathing whether or not we pay attention to it, so it may seem as though there wouldn’t be a need for practicing different ways of breathing. But given that oxygen is our most essential nutrient for life and respiration is the process we use to get all that life-sustaining oxygen into our cells, maybe taking a closer look at how we breathe isn’t a waste of time…



Meditation in Motion

Meditation in Motion is a way of practicing being present by being in our body, wherever it is and whatever it is doing.When we are exactly where our body is, we are in the present moment. The body isn’t in the past or future, it’s not conceptual or imagined; it’s part of nature and contains all of nature’s elements. It houses our awareness, is shaped…



Unleash Your Power Mind

Tap into the power of your mind to excel in any sport you want to perform your best in! Unlock and use it now and it doesn’t take rocket science to do it! Have you ever wondered if there is a way to fully unlock your potential, specially in sports? Have you tried other practicing techniques but it won’t just work? It’s easy, you just have to tap the power of your subconscious mind to do this!


Why Train Mentally?

I was asked the other day and not for the first time why do mental training? I have been an advocate for mental skills training for over three decades. I think everyone should do mental training and working with someone like myself can help give every athlete a new set of tools or even one tool that will help them get to a new level of performance…



Emotional Intelligence in Sports for Elite Athletes

Although emotional intelligence is still a relatively new term in sport, it is certainly not a new concept. For years we have marveled at how the great athletes are able to “switch themselves on” to create amazing performances with incredible consistency. We would describe them as being composed, mentally tough, having the right psychology, a great sports mind, emotionally controlled or simply determined or focused…



Stillpoint is the optimal level of peak performance meeting the point of mental clarity and focus.

Physical training provides athletes with increased strength, muscle memory, increased flexibility, and faster reaction times. However, the physical part of athletics is just one component.

Mental and emotional training is a component that some athletes dismiss, but is crucial in maintaining composure under stress and to improving athletic performance.

I provide a simple and effective technology that gives athletes a real time training facility with the ability to increase emotional muscle, reaction speed and accurate decision making.

Mental performance is on the mind of every player in every sport nowadays. Coaches are always telling players to stay focused or to stay calm. But what does that really mean to you? And how can you stay calm when you are in the heat of the moment?

Mental Performance Coaching

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