What Is Sabotaging Your Performance?

Thoughts lead to emotions which lead to bodily feelings which leads to performance and actions.

Thoughts >> Emotions >> Feelings >> Performance/Action.

If the self-sabotaging mind is your challenge, The R.A.C.E. formula eliminates the mental baggage and puts you in charge of your emotions.




6 Ways Athletes Sabotage Their Own Racing Success

If you can improve your race results without buying new equipment or training more, where would you start?

You might look at your mental approach to racing—how your mental game helps or sabotages your success. Do you understand how your mental game is slowing you down in races? The attitudes, beliefs, and mindsets that runners, cyclists, triathletes and endurance athletes take into a race dictate their performance success.

The first step to improve your mental approach to racing is to understand how you might sabotage your success with doubt, high expectations, perfectionism and other mental game roadblocks. Here, you’ll learn about the top-six costly mistakes races make with their pre-race mental approach…



Sports Psychology: How Expectations Shrink Self-Confidence

Sports Psychology Expectations: Dr. Patrick Cohn, Sports Psychology and Mental Training Expert at http://www.peaksports.com, teaches you “How Athletes Expectations can actually Sabotage Self-Confidence when Expectations are not achieved”.


Mind, Body and Success

The smell of the ocean for a fisherman or the hum of the lights on the field for the athlete send messages to our mind that we are about to experience success. It is why athletes endure the stress of competition, or the fisherman the hours of preparation and near misses. Their mind is singularly focused on the feeling of success. The athlete will suppress injury, exhaustion, and fear to score a point, break a record, or clinch a win. They don’t see these events as consequences, they are necessary to success. – Voyage Recovery Experiential Programming


4 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

You can fail at anything. Why not take a chance on doing what you love?

Every one of us is capable of undermining our own goals because we all have an inherent inclination to self-sabotage. Two of the most important questions we can ask ourselves are why and how we get in our own way when we seek to achieve what matters most to us.

Following are 4 common reasons we place unnecessary limitations on ourselves that keep us from living our dreams…



How to Overcome Self Doubt

Doubt hinders your ability to make improvements or approach uncomfortable situations that may make you better in the long run.

Removing your doubts will help you correctly identify areas in your sport that you could improve and pursue your goals without hesitation…



Power of Visualization in Sports – Top 5 Most Mentally Challenging Sports – Mindset of a Champion

Visualization Techniques for Better Sports Performance

Visualization has also been called guided imagery, mental rehearsal, mediation, and a variety of other things — no matter the term, the basic techniques, and concepts are the same. Generally speaking, visualization is the process of creating a mental image or intention of what you want to happen or feel in reality…


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